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Pokemon GO Cheats: Best Incense Trick For Catching Rare Pokemon Without Moving

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Pokemon GO

Rare Pokemon are not easy to catch. Hence, Pokemon GO players need to strategize well if they wish to catch rare Pokemon. Here are how players can make the best use of incense to catch rare creatures in Pokemon GO.

Incense is an item that can draw Pokemon towards the player by emitting a pleasant fragrance. Once activated, a timer that lasts 30 minutes begins counting down. It can be effectively used to spawn any Pokemon as many times as possible.

In order to catch rare Pokemon by using Incense, players need first to go to a place where there is no sighting of any Pokemon. Players make use of the Sightings feature to ensure that there is no Pokemon around.

Once the player situates himself in a large area such as the woods, the Incense tool needs to be activated. The Incense timer will start ticking on the top-right of the game. Pokemon GO will automatically start spawning rare Pokemon such as Abra, Blastoise, Charmander and more.

Pokemon GO Incense

It seems that Incense is able to grab any Pokemon GO creaturely randomly when there are no Pokemon to attract in the vicinity. Hence, it is said to be an essential tool for catching rare Pokemon.

Players are eagerly searching for ways to catch Pokemon without walking and the Incense tool can be used to grab Pokemon without moving. However, one needs to be aware of the fact that the Incense tool can function best when the player is moving. If the player is standing still at one place, it can spawn one Pokemon every 5 minutes. However, when the player is moving, the tool can spawn Pokemon every 1 minute.

Hence, a player needs to have a wider space to move around to catch rare Pokemon. The aforementioned Pokemon GO cheats can be used by players located in rural areas to find rare Pokemon.

How To Get More Incense

At start of the game, a player is provided with two pots of Incense. However, as the player reaches higher levels such as level 5, 7, 10, 15 and 20. Players can also use in-game currency, PokeCoins to get more incense.

For 1, 8 and 25 Incense pots, players need to need to spend 80, 500 and 1,250 PokeCoins, respectively. Players can also purchase real money to purchase Incense pots.

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