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Pokemon GO Cheats: Best GPS Spoofing Technique For Catching Pokemon Without Walking On Android and iOS

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After the newest Pokemon Go update, finding Pokemon has been all the more difficult as Niantic has not only axed the Nearby feature of the game but also stopped access to third party Pokemon tracking sites. However, Pokemon players are still searching for Pokemon GO cheats that work. Here is an impressive GPS spoofing technique that let players catch Pokemon without walking.

Since the popular but the unofficial Pokemon tracking feature of PokeVision has been blocked by Niantic and with the official Nearby removed, players are complaining that they have to walk aimlessly to find Pokemon. Hence, a Pokemon GO GPS spoofing can help in saving time and energy of the player as it allows players to catch Pokemon by sitting at one place.

Before we go ahead, it is important to know that GPS spoofing is considered cheating on Pokemon GO by Niantic. Hence, it can lead to soft or permanent ban.

What makes this GPS spoofing technique one of the most impressive Pokemon GO cheats is that instead of using a software to spoof the GPS data, it mainly relies on hardware.

Pokemon GO cheats on GPS Spoofing

It requires the player to put the smartphone in a radio-frequency-shielded box and generate a fake GPS signal through a signal generator. The smartphone will then receive a fake GPS signal and use it as its location.

By using a customized software that uses Google Earth, players can move around the world on Pokemon without actually moving from their place.

This GPS spoofing technique was first revealed by Stefan Kiese by using a radio-frequency-shielded box called HackRF that is priced around $300. It also requires the player to have programming skills to perform the Pokemon GO hack.

Hence, it is not easy for general players to perform the hack. However, the hack has been demonstrated on the YouTube channel jdsika. It is an incredible hack and the developers can ban players using it only if it comes to know they are faking the GPS signal.

Source: YouTube /?jdsika

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