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Pokemon GO Cheats: Is It The Best Ever Pokemon GO Hack For iOS That Wont Be Caught By Niantic? [No GPS Spoofing Required]

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Niantic is banning players who are found cheating on Pokemon GO. Even though players are aware of it, they are still using various Pokemon GO cheats carefully and avoiding bans. A new Pokemon GO GPS shipping is now available for iOS users that allows them to catch Pokemon without walking.

In order to use the new GPS spoofing technique by iCrackUriDevice on an iOS device, a player is required to jailbreak the iOS version 9.3.3. It means that if an iOS device is running on iOS 9.3.4 or iOS 10 beta, players will have to downgrade to iOS 9.3.3.

After jailbreaking the iOS device, players need to open Cydia and add to its source and then install Poke++. Once it is installed, the game can be launched.


Inside the game, players will be able to see a joystick that can be used to move the Pokemon GO trainer. It means the trainer will be able to move around the map and catch Pokemon, visit PokeStops and take over Gyms without walking out of the house.

It provides an on-screen option that can help in increasing the walking speed by 2X and 4X. The speed can be further personalized with newer options such as walking, biking and driving. It means Pokemon and other items that are located at far-off places can be easily accessed through Poke++.

The best thing about this Pokemon GO hack is that it does not involve any sort of GPS spoofing technique. Players can simply tap on a location on the map and trainer will move to that place. While walking if the trainer encounters a Pokemon, it will notify the player. Poke++ also tells the Pokemon on which the player should focus on.

Poke++ contains a feature of saving location that can prevent the trainer from appearing at the player?s actual location in case the game crashes. TheBitBag had previously reported this Pokemon GO trick, but the developer of this hack has added upgraded the software to support the latest version of Pokemon GO.

Source: YouTube / iCrackUriDevice

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