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Pokemon GO Cheats : The Best Cheats to Complete Your Pokedex

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Pokemon GO

Although Pokemon GO developers have updated the Pokemon nearby feature and blocked third party apps, there are still some useful tricks that will help Android smartphone users find and catch Pokemon.

One of the easiest ways to acquire Pokemon is to do so by hatching eggs. The players can hatch eggs by traveling three specific distances like 2, 5 or 10 KMs. Pokemon GO does not accurately calculate the distance traveled, and it can be hacked easily. For that, turn on the battery saver, and then go to device settings. Deactivate ?High Accuracy? feature from the location settings.

As a result the Pokemon GO app will miscalculate the distance traveled by a player. However, the results could vary according to the device. The app should also be running. If the app remains closed, the hack will not work. There are chances that this will let the player hatch the eggs and get Pokemon without walking or travelling at all.

While walking, players are advised to walk in a straight line rather than in a zigzag or wavy manner. The game calculates the distance traveled after short intervals. If the player is walking down a weaving path and the final position is somewhat close to the initial one, Pokemon GO will calculate the distance in the straight line which can be far less than the total covered distance.

Pokemon GO Cheats

Moreover, there is another useful technique that can be used to catch Pokemon without changing positions. With a modified Pokemon APK, players can use GPS spoofing. However, for this players have to start from beginning. Once Pokemon GO is installed using the modified Pokemon GO APK, one can launch GPS spoofing app to fake the location. It is advised to deactivate Google location history before using this technique.

There is another GPS spoofing technique using HackRF device. However, HackRF device is expensive and is available in selected countries only. Moreover, to use this, one should have proper programming knowledge.

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Players are advised to beware while using any kind of cheat. Several players have reported that they have been imposed with lifetime ban for violating the conditions set by Niantic.

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