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Pokemon GO Cheats: 5 Best Apps for Tracking Exact Location of Pokemon on Android, iOS

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Pokemon Go

Niantic is yet to introduce Pokemon tracker after removing the inbuilt Nearby feature for tracking Pokemon. Hence, people are now searching for Pokemon GO cheats that will allow them to track exact location of Pokemon. Here are 5 best tools that are available for finding exact location of Pokemon.


PokeMap make used of crowdsourced data to show real-time location of Pokemon walking. It also can display a timer to show how long a Pokemon will remain at a particular place.

Unlike other Pokemon, it does not require players to scan and find Pokemon. It tracks Pokemon on its own and notifies player when a Pokemon is available to catch.



PokeMesh claims to have found 150,000 creatures in the Pokemon GO game. It boasts about finding 30,000 Pokemon per minute on average.

It can show how long a Pokemon will stay at a place. It can also show other things like PokeStop and Gyms on the map.

PokeGear GO

PokeGear GO has a simple interface and shows the images of Pokemon that are available near the player. If a player wishes to catch Dratini, he can simply click on the Pokedex of Pokegear GO and tap on the image of Dratini and it will provide directions to reach that Pokemon on a zoomed map. It also lets the player know when Pokemon will despawn.


Go Radar

This app appears like PokeVision that was recently shut down by Niantic. It states that it has assisted players in finding more than 140,000 Pokemon across the world.

It provides a feature wherein players can only make the app find a particular Pokemon on the map. It also shows how close a player is to a Pokemon in meters. It also shows alerts when a desired Pokemon is found in the vicinity.


It requires players to make use of a fake Pokemon GO trainer account. It shows alerts when Pokemon appears near the player.

It also displays an accurate time before it disappears. The filter options let the player find their favorite Pokemon.

These apps can be found in Play Store, and Apple App Store.

Are you using any of the aforementioned apps to find Pokemon? Do let us know your thoughts by adding comments.

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