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Pokemon GO Cheat: Unlimited Coin Exploit Remains Unfixed

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There is a new exploit in Pokemon GO that allows players to get unlimited coins from gym defenders, which involves changing one’s time zones. It’s an old exploit that was used for different purposes before, but now gym defenders can exploit this to get as much coins as they need. This isn’t exactly a legal tactic and fans have reported this glitch to Niantic, so fans that want to cheat the system better do it while they still can.

Gym defenders are normally restricted to 50 coins a day, with in-app purchases available for those that want to buy more items from the in-game shop. Said exploit has players changing their time zones so that the 50 coin limit gets reset, so they can keep getting coins as long as people go to their Pokemon Gym and lose. Comic Book said this tactic isn’t legal, so fans have to take advantage of this cheat while they can before Niantic decides to get rid of this bug once and for all.

A Reddit user went into detail about this Pokemon GO cheat. “For example, today is 7/16 and you’ve already collect 50 coins this day. You also have two defenders in gyms at that time with more than 10mins defending time. Once you set the timezone to 7/17 or 7/15 before one defender is back and “keep your app open while it is sent back”. You’ll reset the daily limit of the system and get the coins up to 50 from that defender. Repeat the steps for another one(but now you should set timezone to 7/16 because you can’t find a place that is 7/18 or 7/14 on earth! ), you can reset the daily limit again and get the coins…The steps can be repeated infinite times for every defenders so the daily limit of coins collection become useless.”

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