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Pokemon GO: Cellular Data Affects Pokemon Spawn Rate?

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Pokemon GO

For today?s round of Pokemon GO?theorycrafting, let?s turn our attention to cellular data and the effects it has on gameplay. Since the game?s launch, diehard fans have been busy trying to pinpoint how Pokemon spawn rates are tied to data consumption across a location. Based on early findings it looks like there are two main theories.

Does Cell Data Have an Effect on Pokemon GO?

The first is that Pokemon spawns are determined by an area?s historical cellular data traffic. The alternative to this is that spawn rates are tied to more recent data consumption. A?new thread on The Silph Road has fans making cases for both viewpoints.

Thread starter Veggagun recounted an experience he had while playing Pokemon GO through a tethered wireless connection. ?I live in a pretty rural area, about 10 houses in a 15 mile radius, and I see about 1-2 pokemon a day but when my friend came over and I used his hotspot to download a movie, because my wifi was down, 5 pokemon showed up all at once and an additional one about every 5 minutes while downloading the file,? he explained.

Others commenters have attempted to debunk this claim, citing situations of their own. A user named?Cerebr05murF detailed his experience during the final day of the Pokemon GO beta test.

?Spawn rates were through the roof and those clusters of spawns were only happening where Ingress XM was also present. I first experienced this while I was at a local shopping center with lots of Ingress Xm on the ground.?

He also posted another comment explaining how he thinks Google and Niantic are using cellular data info to shape the spawn rates. You can check it?out here.

What do you think of these theories? Have you experienced similar situations while playing Pokemon GO? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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