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Pokemon GO Catch Rate: Increased Capture Chance For ‘Great’ And ‘Excellent Throws’?

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Pokemon GO continues to be a fun though somewhat frustrating experience. Mobile fans realized that the higher the level, the more difficult it is to catch a Pokemon. This is because the Pokemon become much stronger as the player levels up. It sounds great on paper, but it has made the most basic Pokemon hard to capture with regular Poke Balls.

Thankfully, a Reddit user has been doing some research regarding Pokemon catching. It seems like the basic technique of the mobile game still works. Players have to make sure that the cursor is small, if they want to catch the Pokemon. It’s a tried and tested method that seems to have worked. However, some fans are wondering if good, great and excellent throws can make a difference.

Good, Great and Excellent Throws

Fans can get these results if they hit a Pokemon at a specific body part. They can also get these by timing their throws with the cursor. These type of throws gain players extra XP, which is extremely beneficial to the player in Pokemon GO.

While they do give players extra XP, it seems like they don’t affect a player’s catch rate. The user that did the research came to that conclusion after numerous tries with good, great and excellent throws. That doesn’t mean they’re completely useless, since the extra XP is a nice bonus. Adding a Lucky Egg will double the XP, so players can plan their level-ups with it.

Curveball Throws

Another great way to get XP is through curveball throws. This requires the player to twist their throw a bit. The reward for this is also extra XP, which makes it a must do for those who want to level up. Combining a curveball with a good, great or excellent throw can get players even more XP.

Sadly, the researcher has revealed that the curveball throws also don’t make much of a difference. It seems like players really have to pay attention to the size and color of the cursor. This isn’t a bad thing, since more casual players can get more Pokemon without having to do these techniques.

Pokemon GO is available now on iOS and Android. It is a free download, but there are in-app purchases for more items. It?s not as popular as it once was, but it?s still loved by many.

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