Pokemon GO: Canada, Asia, And Launch In Other Countries Not Yet Planned By Niantic

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Pokemon GO

Recently, Niantic released Pokemon GO in the United Kingdom and Germany. However, Niantic said that the game will not be available in other countries yet as they?re still focusing on fixing the title?s issues. When will Canadian, Asian, and other international Pokemon fans be able to play the game?

According to Niantic?s response to IGN, Niantic is ?currently heads down on working on the game? and isn?t planning on releasing new servers outside New Zealand, Australia, US, UK, and Germany. Players outside these regions such as Canada, Asia, South America, and Africa may have to wait longer.

However, the gaps in the release dates of the servers aren?t that huge, but Niantic rarely shares information about the next servers that will be available. Servers for Australia, New Zealand and the US came in first on June 6, and then the Germany and UK servers came in a week later. It?s possible that Pokemon GO fans outside these regions may have their server earlier than expected.

Currently, Niantic is weeding out bugs in the game. Niantic has fixed the 1HP Gym Bug which causes defending Pokemon to stay at 1 HP and incur a never-ending stalemate as your own Pokemon can?t finish it off. Meanwhile, the Frozen Pokeball bug frustrates players as it can freeze the game during wild Pokemon encounters. This is a big frustration to players who ?encounters a good Pokemon with a high CP, but they lose the chance of catching it due to the bug.

Currently, the official Pokemon GO Twitter account?s recently confirmed that the UK servers are already live. Meanwhile, the Twitter accounts of Niantic, ?Niantic CEO John ?Hanke as well as the official Pokemon GO site don?t have new info about the game. Since the company hasn?t announced any major game update as of late, it?s better to be prepared for surprises from their official media handlers.

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