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Pokemon GO: How Can Players Catch Legendary Pokemon?

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Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO is a very exciting game from one of the pioneers in augmented reality gaming, Niantic. The developer is looking to provide series fans with an authentic Pokemon catching and battling experience with the game, but most of its mechanics are yet to be detailed. Niantic has yet to reveal the mechanics in catching the Legendary Pokemon.

Pokemon GO will feature all the Pokemon from the first generation. This includes the Legendary Birds; Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres and the Mew Duo; Mew and MewTwo. All in all, there are five Legendaries to get, and Niantic may make it a challenge to get them.

Redditor Adelaide says that ?From re-watching the trailer it looks like everyone who battled MewTwo received the Pokemon, as seen on several phones at the end.?

It is possible that Niantic may allow players to get Legendary Pokemon through events that tasks them with battling the said Pokemon. If this is the case, Niantic may be a little too generous by giving players, who participated in the battle, a copy of the Legendary Pokemon.

What Niantic could do in Pokemon GO is to create a ranking of all the players who participated in the event, and give the Pokemon to those who topped the ranking, a similar mechanic found in Pokemon Rumble. One basis of the ranking could be how much damage the player dealt to the Pokemon. Then as the quality of the Pokemon gets better, the higher the player ranks, so it?s not enough to just get through the high ranks.

We can?t ?guess how Niantic is looking to provide us with the Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO, but it?s likely that it will provide all players with a fair chance in getting them. Besides, not everyone can travel to a lab to get Mew or to a volcano for Moltres.


The game is now available on both iOS and Android in select countries, however, players have yet to find any legendary Pokemon in the game. Some fans speculate Legendary Pokemon can be joined depending on what team you join.


All Five Legendary Pokemon as well as other in-game items?were recently spotted via data mining.

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