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Pokemon GO Bugs and Freezing Issues Worsened In Latest Update?

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Pokemon GO

Video game updates are always a mixed bag. They’re supposed to fix the problems in the game but usually add new ones once they’ve been installed. This is the case with Pokemon GO, as some players have noticed that the latest update isn’t the big fix they were hoping for, though it might not be a big deal breaker either.

According to a Reddit user, the 1.02 update freezes pokeball throws, which makes for a frustrating experience. This is definitely maddening when a player finally finds his or her favorite Pokemon, which can be rare in the app. One can imagine the frustrations when you?re trying to catch a Dratini or Nidoran, only to have the ball freeze.

What really makes the experience frustrating is that the thrown pokeball will be wasted. Players have to restart their Pokemon GO app and see if the Pokemon was caught or escaped, which is just annoying, especially if it leads to an escaped Pokemon.

Another Reddit user pointed out that players shouldn’t restart the app right away, since the problem could just be a lag. It’s best that the player wait for 10 to 15 seconds before restarting the app because the pokeball could start moving again after the amount of time has passed, so players are going to have to be patient when playing.

Not the bug people were hopping to get.

It’s clear that this update is a problem, and Niantic is probably working hard on a patch that will fix it. Considering that fans were hoping this update would fix the problems that were already in the game, the developers should probably work on this patch quickly. It’s going to be hard catching all Pokemon when the pokeball freezes and restarting the app is the only solution.

This is probably why the game hasn’t been given a worldwide release date yet. Pokemon GO is currently available in select countries only and now we know why. Here?s hoping that Niantic Labs fixes this problem soon so that the rest of the world can start catching Pokemon and exploring their neighborhood.

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