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Pokemon GO Bug: No Pokemon Inside Gyms?

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Players have found one more Pokemon GO bug that makes it difficult to enjoy the mobile game. Numerous players have reported that they are unable to find any Pokemon in gyms when viewing them on the map. Developer Niantic has been releasing many updates for the game to fix all the issues, but it seems that the recent updates have also brought some bugs for players.

After the latest update, a Pokemon GO gym bug has been frustrating fans. Some players have found no Pokemon whenever they visit a gym. Some players also related this bug with the previously discovered issue known as the Grimer bug which freezes phones.

The new issue is not related to Grimer. Players claim that they are not able to find even a single Pokemon and this is also apparently causing their game to crash. Fans say that some of the Pokemon GO bugs can be easily fixed by simply restarting the app. Some of them also require a complete device restart. However, the new bug does not get fixed through such methods.

Many players claim that they have already tried fixing the issue by restarting and even reinstalling the app, but it failed to fix the problem. Some players have already reported the issue to Niantic and are waiting for a quick fix.

The issue is not limited to any specific region, as players from different parts of the world are complaining about this new Pokemon GO bug. The bug is certainly helping trainers who are holding the gyms. It becomes easier for those who own gyms, as nobody would be able to attack them.

Fans are still clueless on how to fix the latest Pokemon GO bug. None of the suggested methods are working for them, and if no solution comes out, there is nothing they can do but wait until Niantic releases a new update and brings fixes for the issue.
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