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Pokemon GO Bug Makes Eggs Disappear

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Developer wishes to reach more than 200 countries soon with Pokemon GO, but the company still needs to fix a number of issues first that players have been encountering in the game. There is a long list of problems with Niantic?s AR game, and another bug has been discovered by fans. Apparently, when players try to hatch eggs, the bug causes the eggs to disappear without leaving any trace where the item went.

It doesn?t seem to be an isolated case as it has been happening for a while and players have been sharing their disappointment on various social media platforms. Some fans on TheSilphRoad subreddit said that they placed eggs in the incubator and walked for a certain distance. After completing their walk to hatch eggs in Pokemon GO, they were expecting the egg to be hatched, but the eggs disappeared, and no notification popped out to inform the player.

Egg hatching in Pokemon GO is obviously one of the best ways to collect strong Pokemon. It technique requires players to put the egg in the incubator and walk for a certain distance to get a new Pokemon, unless they are using some cheats that negates the need for walking. Disheartened players said that they completed everything required including walking a number kilometers, but when they checked the inventory, no Pokemon was added, and the eggs were nowhere to be seen.

However, some lucky fans say that the animation didn?t appear when the egg hatching was completed. But when they checked the Pokemon inventory and sorted the list of Pokemon by the most recent filter, their hatched Pokemon was already in their inventory. Not all players are lucky though, as some of them have lost many eggs and their long travel resulted into nothing.

Some fans also reported that they completed a certain distance to hatch eggs in Pokemon GO, but when they checked the stats again, the numbers they achieved has decreased. Niantic has admitted that the game is plagued with issues and they are working on solution which will hopefully be available in the next update.

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