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Pokemon GO Bug: Different Pokemon Caught? Visual Bug Or Ditto Easter Egg?

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Recently, a Pokemon GO player caught a wild Caterpie with high Combat Power only to discover afterward that it became a Charizard. Fans speculate that this different Pokemon caught may actually be a hint for the elusive Ditto or just another bug that surfaced which Niantic needs to fix. Here?s what we know so far about this issue.

Caterpie I just Caught went into my Pokedex as Charizard.

According to dyazge?s thread on the Pokemon GO Reddit, he apparently caught a Caterpie with a 1212 CP that turned into a Charizard after he checked it in his storage. As it?s surprising to find a different Pokemon, this is definitely worrying for the game?s systems. Niantic hasn?t announced anything about this ?Different Pokemon Caught? issue. At worst, players won?t know if this is an actual in-game event or another problem that?ll annoy players like the three step bug.

This case doesn?t seem isolated as Reddit user BTDub and fhqwhgadz have experienced a similar situation. Other users on the thread have referenced Ditto due to Caterpie?s sudden transformation; it?s also possible that it?s just a bug that came it with the new update. For now, we can only wait for Niantic?s official statement about this issue, though players aren?t expecting Niantic to reach out to its player base at the moment.

If this issue is actually an event, this might be the reveal of the missing Ditto Pokemon, which could mean that it?ll be available in the game soon. This issue can either surprise or disappoint players as they can get better or worse Pokemon than what they actually caught in the game. However, this disappointment can easily be warded off if a player is knowledgeable on the Pokemon GO?s Combat Power, Individual Values, and other competitive systems.

On its worst-case scenario, this issue is possibly a game-breaking bug that may frustrate its players. If this issue continues, catching wild Pokemon may be consistently inconsistent; hence, confusing more players and making Evolution Candy hunts impossible to track.

Since its release, Pokemon GO has continually experienced game-breaking issues which frustrated players. Game issues like the frozen Pokeball and the three step bug have already been fixed. At worst, players may opt to look for some third-party sites or programs to help them out in this issue instead of waiting for its developers to fix the problem.

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