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Pokemon GO Buddy Tips: How to Maximize the New Pokemon GO Buddy System

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Pokemon GO Buddy System

Pokemon GO is definitely a very entertaining game for people of all ages. It is no wonder why the augmented reality game from Niantic Labs became a worldwide phenomenon. The game?s developers are not just settling for the current features of the game as they have launched a brand new Buddy System during the last update. If you are a hardcore fan of the game, one of the best Pokemon GO tips that you should learn is how to maximize the Pokemon GO Buddy System.

In a nutshell, the Pokemon GO Buddy System allows gamers to select a Buddy Pokemon that will be their companion in their adventure to become the best Pokemon trainer. This is an homage to Pikachu in the original Pokemon animated series who accompanied Ash outside of its Pokeball.

While some may see the Buddy System as a seemingly unimportant feature, it can actually give gamers a ton of benefits if they know how to maximize it. For starters, the Buddy System gives gamers Pokemon candy every time their buddy Pokemon walks a certain distance. This is definitely great news for players who know how to use it properly.

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Pokemon candy is of course used to evolve or power up Pokemon. Previously, you can only get Pokemon candy if you catch Pokemon. With this new Buddy System, players can get another way to get candy.

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Maximizing the Buddy System is actually very simple to do. It has a lot to do in choosing the best Buddy Pokemon. Some players will surely be tempted to use Pikachu. According to Kotaku, it is the only Pokemon that will actually walk alongside you much like in previous Pokemon games.

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While that can be fun to watch, it will not really give you a lot of benefits. The better way to make use of the Buddy System is to get candy for those Pokemon which are difficult to spot in the wild. This is especially true for the Dratini?s and Hitmonlee?s. You will not see these Pokemon in the wild on a regular basis. Therefore, if you want to evolve them, it is best to use them as your buddy Pokemon.

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Another way that you can use the Buddy System is to get candy to power up rare Pokemon for Battle. If you have an Electabuzz or Magmar, finding the same kind of Pokemon again will not be easy to do. With the Buddy System though, all you would need to do is to walk and you will earn candy that you can use to power up your rare Pokemon for gym battles.

Knowing how to use the Buddy System has its benefits so make sure you keep the tips above before choosing your buddy Pokemon. Good luck and make sure to do your best to try and ?catch ?em all!?

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