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Pokemon GO Buddy Pokemon Distance Calculator

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Pokemon GO Buddy System

The Buddy Pokemon feature of Pokemon GO requires players to walk along with the chosen Pokemon to get Candy. A Buddy Pokemon calculator can come handy in finding out how long a player needs to walk earn a Candy.

Pokemon GO Buddy Pokemon Calculator

A Reddit user with account name m3II3 has posted a Buddy Pokemon calculator on The Silph Road. The calculator is built on a Google spreadsheet. Players can type in the number of Candies that presently have for the Pokemon and the spreadsheet will tell the audience how far a player needs to walk to evolve the species.

For example, if a player chooses Magikarp as his Buddy Pokemon and he has 100 Magikarp candies, the spreadsheet will show that the player needs to walk 300 kilometers more to evolve it. It mentions the distance in kilometers and miles.

Here is the link to the Buddy Pokemon calculator. The Google spreadsheet is available as view-only. It means that in order to edit and use it, players need to make a copy of it and save it on the PC. This can be done by navigating to File > Make a copy and OK.

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Choosing a Buddy Pokemon

Some Pokemon are quite easy as they require players to walk only a small distance. For evolving other Pokemon players have to walk longer distance. Pokemon that are quite common such as Pidgey require players to walk around seven miles to evolve. Also, it is quite easy to find a Pidgey Candy.

On the other hand, Dratini Candy cannot be found easily and to evolve it players will have to walk longer distance. Hence, it is advisable to choose a Buddy Pokemon that cannot be found easily in the wild.

Once a Buddy Pokemon is chosen, it can be swapped any time. However, if a player decides to choose another Pokemon as Buddy, he will lose all the distance that he covered with the previous Pokemon.

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