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Pokemon GO Buddy: How To Make Pikachu Sit On Your Shoulder

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After the Pokemon GO buddy update released, many players reported about a new easter egg. According to players, Pikachu can now sit on your shoulder. Some people said that players will have to walk 10 kilometers to make Pikachu do so, while another report by fans confirms that walking to a certain distance is not necessary.

Niantic has just introduced the buddy system in which a Pokemon accompanies the trainer. Those who remember the Pokemon TV show may remember how Pikachu used to sit on Ash?s shoulder. In a similar way, when a trainer collects 10 candies, Pikachu hops on the character’s shoulder.

The Pokemon buddy system allows trainers to choose the Pokemon that will accompany them on their journey. The creature appears alongside the trainer in their profile. The buddy Pokemon collects candies while on the move.

Not 10 Kilometers?

Many fans argued that players will have to walk to a certain distance (10 kilometers with Pikachu) to make him sit on their shoulder. Now multiple reports have started claiming that the distance doesn?t matter at all; you just need to collect 10 candies.

A player on Reddit also shared a screenshot where his Pokemon GO buddy Pikachu can be seen sitting on his shoulder. After walking more than 10 kilometres, the player was not able to make Pikachu sit on his shoulder. But as soon as Pikachu got 10 candies, the Pokemon quickly jumped over to the player?s shoulder.

Many easter eggs in Pokemon GO are still undiscovered. Players are only starting to unveil some of them. Reports also claim that walking with each Pokemon assures one candy. Fans are still testing out the new features Niantic has added to the game. Stay connected to TheBitBag for more information as the new Pokemon GO buddy update reaches everyone.

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