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Pokemon GO Brings Augmented Reality Back; AR Games We Want Soon

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Pokemon GO brough Augmented Reality (AR) back; not just back, but on the forefront. For the past week or so, you likely have heard about this new game from it?s cool gameplay, tips and even the security issue it poses. A few months back, the gaming and tech trend seemed to lean towards virtual reality but with one fell swoop, the Pokemon Company and Niantic Inc. changed the mobile gaming landscape.

If for any chance you have not encountered this interesting gaming app, check this video out.

The game lets you roam around and catch virtual Pokemons in a digital map laid over your neighborhood and city. It runs on GPS and requires you to explore real-world space to catch Pokemons and engage in trades and battles. Will this be the stronger direction for mobile gaming? Developers like Square Enix have made AR games in the past.

Square Enix created Lara Croft GO, Deux Ex GO and Hitman GO. They did not and do not enjoy the success that Pokemon GO is enjoying now. But as AR popularity arises, developers might actually think of ways on how to adapt console or PC games to AR; and even augment console experience with AR. Wouldn?t that be cool? Let?s take a look at what games would be interesting.

The Walking Dead (or any Zombie game at that)

Imagine having to battle your way out of a building with a group of survivors (strangers) against virtual undead? It would be pretty thrilling and downright scary should you decide to play at night or in the dark. One way that developers can do this is also have real people playing as zombies and have their gyroscopes force them to walk slow like the undead. There could be sporadic mass events where hardcore fanatics could even dress up as undead to add more touches of reality.

Counter-Strike GO

Yes, we sure know there is already a Counter-Strike version called GO (Global Offensive) but wouldn?t it be fun to actually play actual rounds using augmented reality? It would be cool to defuse bombs or save hostages with and against friends.

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs is a very promising franchise that combines hacking with stealth in an open-world game. What if it would be expanded into a real-world game using augmented reality? One can be a part of DedSec and go on solo missions or cooperative ones. Of course, it would all be fake hacking and what not, but it would be cool to step in the shoes of a DedSec operative in real life.

What do you think of these three games? What other games would you like to be on AR? Are you enjoying Pokemon GO even with the possible security risk? Leave your thoughts below.

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