Pok?mon GO Brazil Launch Delayed as Niantic CEO Twitter Gets Hacked? No Pokemon Go for Rio 2016?

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Pokemon GO Brazil launch is, well, not underway. Olympic athletes who are in Rio are very disappointed as they found out that there are no Pokemon to catch in the country. Pokemon GO is available in 30 countries already and the Brazil launch may not come until the Olympics is over.

A British athlete, Joe Clark, who is part of his nation?s cycling team, is quite disappointed. He tweeted about it.

Even Rio De Janeiro Mayor Eduardo Paes joined in the conversation asking Nintendo (a little begging) to release the game in Brazil in time for the start of the Olympic games. He revealed this on his Facebook page complete with edited Pokemon superimposed in Olympic sceneries. A screenshot is available below.


The post is translated into English from Portuguese thanks to Marissa Payne of The Washington Post. Paes said ?Hello Nintendo! There are 23 days until Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Everybody is coming. You should come on down too.? He also added a hashtag #PokemonGoNoBrasil which means ?Pokemon GO in Brazil.?

As pointed out by Payne, this did not sit all too well with all Brazilians. The very first comment to this post was quite telling. It was likely pointing out that the mayor should give priority to more important issues first before Pokemon GO Brazil. Here?s the translated comment.

?The Aquatic Pok?mon died with the super bug. Earthlings were robbed and shot. The electric blew up in the gutter. The fliers turned kites of trafficking. The poisonous were obese after feeding of the sewer and they’re in rehab.?

This had more than 3,200 likes as of writing time.

Pokemon GO Brazil Advocacy? Is it too far?

It seemed that Pokemon GO was for gamers who need to get out, get some exercise or just get some walking. But no, top-level athletes seem to be into it as well; much like Rio?s mayor. But this may not be the best idea as Brazil have had some problems like its state of financial emergency and crimes. This, though, did not faze Pokemon GO Brazil advocates to well, advocate–actively.

OurMine, a hacking organization, had already hacked Niantic CEO and Pokemon GO creator John Hanke?s Twitter account. A screenshot of the hack puts hashtags #OurMine, #POKEMONGOBRAZIL and #PokemonGo4Brazil. This pretty much shows that OurMine wants Niantic to release Pokemon GO in Brazil.

This though can be seen as going too far as well. Let?s face it, Pokemon GO is a game. It may not be just a game for many people but there have been a lot of crimes that were reported lately involving the app. Having it over there would increase the security risk and responsibility for top-level and some well-off athletes. For them to be walking around a crime-laden Rio would be a big problem for them and the host country.

Recently, in a report by The Guardian, there have been a series of crimes in Rio involving body parts washing up near the start for the triathlon event in Copacabana; hospital shootings and the mugging of athletes. According to Numbeo statistics, the level of crime is at 90.27 percent. It also pegs ?safety walking alone during daylight? to be in the low 34.52 percent region while ?safety walking alone during night? is at 12.8 percent. Forbes contributor Kenneth Rapoza also deemed Brazil as the ?Murder Capital of the World.? Rio De Janeiro, though, is safer than Compton and Detroit. Catching Pokemon is just not as safe in Brazil as in their home countries.

Do you think Niantic should give in to the Pokemon GO Brazil advocacy pressure? Leave your thoughts below.

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