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Pokemon GO Bots And Trackers: Niantic Tries To Take Down 3rd Party Apps Before Thanksgiving Event?

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Pokemon GO bots and trackers might see a huge downfall, as Niantic is gearing up for the Thanksgiving event. The company will give double XP and stardust when players complete the in-game challenges. As the event will go live on November 23, it seems that Niantic?s recent 0.47.1 update is there to kill the functioning bots and trackers.

Earlier this month, Niantic released a bunch of updates, and majority of them damaged third party applications such as FastPokeMap and the update somehow harmed other tools used by bots. The API stopped working and it took down many applications that used to rely on Pokemon GO API. However, some trackers managed to work well and we also reported that many new trackers also arrived in the last couple of weeks.

Timing of Updates To Stop Third Party Apps?

Now that the company has released two new updates since the last weekend, it seems that Niantic is making sure that no Pokemon GO bots and trackers would work when the Thanksgiving event goes live. On a Reddit thread, some speculate that the company is intentionally?implementing more security features before an event to stop bots and trackers.

This is not the first time that Niantic is releasing security patches; the company has been actively monitoring the game and it has also banned many bots and flagged numerous suspicious accounts. However, the company was not successful in taking down all of them. Despite being damaged by the security implementations, some trackers survived, and if the company is doing the same for the upcoming events, it can?t be said that none of the bots and trackers will work from now.

Fans who have been closely monitoring the game’s update?patterns say that Niantic releases security updates prior to all the events. This is true actually, because before the Halloween events in October, the company released some updates and prior to the Thanksgiving event, we already have two new updates. If Niantic successfully manages to stop all the Pokemon GO bots and trackers, genuine players will definitely get advantage of fair gameplay during such events.

As the company never shares security-specific details about its updates, some?fans believe that the recent updates only prepares to make the app compatible with the upcoming changes.

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