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Pokemon GO Bots Takedown Next After Niantic Closes Third Party Trackers?

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Fans thought that Niantic was done with shutting down third-party apps after PokeVision, but it seems that the developer isn?t done with all Pokemon tracker apps just yet. Niantic is becoming too protective of Pokemon GO and its in-game tracker, but the company may have been ignoring who the real cheaters are in the game as bots are still pretty rampant.

Redditor TheTruckThunders reports that Niantic recently increased the scan refresh time of Pokemon GO to make it harder for third party Pokemon locator developers to create a new way to find Pokemon. The bad thing is that the recent change also affects players themselves. With the scan refresh time doubled to 10 seconds, those who use bikes while playing Pokemon GO might miss out on Pokemon entirely. Developers like cyrilpp, who created Smart Poke, have reported that their apps are no longer available. Despite being free-to-use, Smart Poke was eventually taken down as well as all the other apps the developer has made on Google.

Despite its iron fist on third party developers and Pokemon locators which is apparently considered cheating tools, Niantic is keeping a lighter approach to legitimate cheaters who use bots, which in turn affect others who play fairly. Reddit user Britastic UK shares that there are a lot of GPS spoofers and bot users who hog Gyms with 3000 CP Pokemon, which are hard to beat, making the Gym unbeatable.

It?s pretty hard to determine who cheats and uses bots, but checking the account of the player for mysterious data could help. Redditor saxaddictlz notes that one way to look for cheaters is by seeing how fast they passed the level 35 mark in Pokemon GO. The player states that ?the jump from level 30 to 35 is 4,000,000 experience, that is DOUBLE the amount from level 1 to 30. Going past level 35 is even more intense and requires a huge effort to prioritize experience gain rather than camping nests.?

As players, we should do our part in keeping the community clean and free from cheaters. The best way to help out Niantic is by reporting cheaters through this form.

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