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Pokemon GO Bots Shut Down: How To Avoid Permanent Ban

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Pokemon GO

The Pokemon GO craze has taken the world by storm and almost everywhere you can see Pokemon fans trying to fulfil their dream to ?catch ?em all!? The augmented reality game encourages gamers to get out of their homes to search for Pokemon in the real world. As with any game, there are always a group of people who are using cheats such as bots and other technology to get an advantage. Niantic Labs though has already started the Pokemon GO bot shut down as players who are caught using bots are being banned permanently from playing the game.

Some of the most common cheats being used in the game is utilizing bots and GPS spoofing. These allow a player to play Pokemon GO even without leaving their house. This is certainly the complete opposite of what the game is about so Niantic Labs has cracked down on them hard by issuing permanent bans.

The Pokemon GO FAQ page now includes a topic which highlights how Pokemon GO players can appeal a permanent ban of their account. The FAQ gives a list of reasons for issuing a permanent ban to players, saying ?Your account was permanently terminated for violations of the Pok?mon GO Terms of Service. This includes, but is not limited to: falsifying your location, using emulators, modified or unofficial software and/or accessing Pok?mon GO clients or backends in an unauthorized manner including through the use of third party software.?

How to Avoid a Permanent Ban

A permanent ban of your account can certainly be disappointing. This is especially true if your trainer is already at a high level and you have a number of very strong and rare Pokemon already. Avoiding a permanent ban in Pokemon GO actually seems like a very simple thing to do. Just avoid using any bots, third party software or any GPS or location spoofing app and you will be fine.

Pokemon GO

Try to play the game the way it is meant to be played: by going out and exploring the world hunting for Pokemon. Do this and you will surely have no issues at all and you will never risk getting your account permanently banned.


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