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Pokemon GO Bots: Why They Are Ruining The Game

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Bugs and the lack of a decent Pokemon tracker are not the only things ruining Pokemon GO. After Niantic?s recent major update that removed the three steps in Pokemon Nearby and changed flee rates, botters have begun popping up in the augmented reality title. This form of cheating is very harmful to the game and ruins the competitive experience of anyone else playing fairly.

There is a lot that bots can do in Pokemon GO. However, the most common case is that bots are used to take over a Pokemon Gym. These bots are no pushover as they will defend the Pokemon Gym with several powerful Pokemon with up to 3000 CP. Even worse is that the bot users doesn?t need to be near the Pokemon Gym to conquer it.

Redditor shubronie recently shared what he believes is a bot. It?s obvious that the account is a bot as there are many ways to determine which accounts are legitimate. In the Redditor?s report, the account?s name is CR0XF4D3, which is obviously not made by a human player and is just a randomly generated name.

What makes botting very frustrating for Pokemon GO players is it puts them at a huge disadvantage. With the game?s current state, players have to work hard to increase their levels as there?s no Pokemon locator to aid them, and if they ever find a Pokemon, there?s a big chance that it?ll run away because of the changes made to the flee rates. Not only is it ruining the community but it?s also pushing away potential players from the game.

The number of bots are certainly increasing and it could take only a couple of weeks more before it outnumbers human players. The best action for now is to report the botters until Niantic finally takes notice.

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