Pokemon GO Bots: Where To Get Them, And Will Niantic Ban You?

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For the slackers, hackers and Pokemon aficionados out there, here?s a short guide on how to get Pokemon GO bots and the dangers that lurk in using them. The greatest danger is you will get viruses on your device for downloading bad apps. One of the biggest dangers (if you are a Pokemon GO maniac) is that you would get banned. Also, this kind of beats the whole point of an augmented reality game that encourages you to go outside where the sun shines and get some needed vitamin D. But if you really want to know how to, push on.

Pokemon GO Bots

There are many Pokemon GO bots out there. But here are two of the most used–NecroBot and PokeBuddy. You can download them through those links via Github. Both of them work using the same principles, as pointed out by Ars Technica, they send ?false data? to the Pokemon GO servers to simulate an efficient and tireless Pokemon GO trainer. You.

What this Pokemon GO bots do is find all nearby Pokemon. The user, you, should first provide the latitude and longitude as a starting point. It is said that the center of a major city is a great way to start. You also would need to provide some credentials to authenticate it with the servers.

What the Pokemon Bots will do for you is find nearby Pokemons, ?walk? to them via faked signals at smart intervals and catch a Pokemon. It will also move on to the next target. They are also able to incubate and hatch eggs. They can evolve Pokemons, collect new Pokeballs and even trade in duplicate Pokemon for other resources. You can spectate on this through a text readout of ?your? activities.

Ars Technica tested a Pokemon GO bot and it earned them 50,000 experience points in an hour and reached level 15 in one single afternoon. It just ran in the background.

Pokemon GO Cheat on a Computer

If you want to play it on PC, all you need to do is watch this very informational video on how to do just that. Thanks to HackerBot for putting it all together and making it look easy.

In his video, he uses BlueStacks. You can click on that link to download it. You would also need these APK files ? download. You would need WinRar to unpack them. You should have four files: (1) Lucky Patcher, (2) King Root, (3) Fake GPS and (4) ?Pokemon GO. Follow his instructions to automate your Pokemon GO adventure on PC.

The Dangers: Viruses and Niantic

HackerBot warns Pokemon GO trainers of the impossibility of some hacks or cheats. First, there is no cheats or hacks for PokeCoins. There is also none for CP (Combat Power) and unlimited health. In addition, there is no item hacks of any kind. These, according to HackerBot, are values processed in the servers and could not be hacked. So, if anybody wants you to download programs to get those things for free. Don?t.

Second, Niantic has been dealing with GPS hacks since its first game, Ingress, and it has some measures to mitigate cheating. If you use the PC hacks using BlueStacks, you should apply some common sense and not ?teleport.? This can get you banned permanently according to HackerBot. So, what you want to do is to move your cheating self in small increments to combat this.

Now, we guess that this is all you need to start cheating on Pokemon GO. Do so at your own risk. We, in no way, advocate them. This is just something for the curious.

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