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Pokemon GO To Boost iPhone 7 Sales?

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Pokemon GO

Apple CEO Tim Cook has expressed his interest in artificial intelligence and virtual reality, and he also loves Pokemon GO. During the company?s earning calls conference, Cook said that the company is working on products that support these latest technologies. He said that Apple is making sure that its products support games like Nintendo?s Pokemon GO.

Recently, ?an analyst claimed that the Cupertino-based company could generate a revenue of US$3 billion because of the Pokemon GO craze. After Cook?s latest announcements, it is being said that Pokemon GO will certainly be available on iPhone 7, which is one of the highly anticipated phones of the year. Many reports claim that iPhone 7 will arrive sometime this year, and if it happens, Niantic?s game would eventually help Apple?s sales growth, especially for iPhone 7.

“That’s the reason you see so many of the iPhones out in the wild right now chasing Pokemon,” said Tim Cook during the conference, CNBC reported.

Nintendo?s highly successful mobile game has been benefitting many businesses directly and indirectly. Many businesses have found unique ways to promote their products/services using Pokemon GO. Companies such as McDonalds have already partnered with the company to expand their business growth.

Now that speculations are rife on Apple iPhone 7?s release, there are chances that the arrival of the mobile game will certainly boost the upcoming device?s sales. Apple is known as one of the biggest content delivery platforms. The growth of AR, VR and AI will undoubtedly support the company?s growth in terms of revenue.

During WWDC 2016, the company unveiled improvements in Apple Maps and CarPlay services, and these technical advancements would certainly help Pokemon GO players. Additionally, Cook said that the upcoming range of devices will have better battery life and powerful performance, which is what every Pokemon GO fan wants.

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