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Pokemon GO: Most Bizarre PokeStop Locations So Far

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Could President Obama be one of Pokemon GO?s gym leaders? With the highly anticipated monster collector now released in several countries, would-be trainers around the globe have been busy searching for some of the more bizarre Pokestop locations.

One of the most talked about is none other than 1600 Pensylvania Avenue, Washington DC ? which most Americans know is the address of the White House. Based on a Redditor?s report, it looks like the POTUS? official residence is actually one of Pokemon GO?s many gyms.

We can only wonder what lineup the gym leader is fielding. Aside from this, here are some other crazy PokeStops from around the globe.

Real Life Lavender Town

If you ever wanted to experience Lavender Town IRL, this Redditor?s backyard might be it. She happens to live right behind a graveyard, and she points out that each of the graves have their own PokeStop. If you ever walk around this area, make sure to put the Lavender Town theme music on your headphones for full effect.

Churches Everywhere

A lot of Redditors have also noticed that many PokeStops seem to be located around churches. It?s a bit ironic since some religious groups have previously denounced Pokemon as a bad — in some cases even satanic — influence on children.

Army Bases

If you come to one of these locations looking for a fight, make sure you state that it?s of the Pokemon GO variety only. Several US army facilities have been flagged as Pokestop locations, so pay a visit to your local base to see if there are any Mewtwos lurking about.

A real life Pokemart?

Pikachu on aisle 3! This Australian supermarket has reported numerous Pokemon sightings in its halls. If you need to stock up on groceries as well as Pokemon, this place seems like a good place to do it.

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