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Pokemon GO: Better PokeStop Items In Populated Areas?

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Are all of Pokemon GO?s PokeStop?s created equal? Over the course of your journey, you may have noticed that each stop doles out rewards of varying quantity and quality. Is this something totally random, or does Niantic have some formula for computing which Stops are better?

PokeStops in Pokemon GO

On the Silph Road subreddit, players have begun theorycrafting possible formulas to gauge a PokeStop?s effectiveness. Here are some of their observations.

Some have said that stops in more densely populated areas generally hand out more items to visitors. A user named pogo5566 says that a zoo he frequents hands out six to seven Pokeballs each visit. This is a pretty big deal because you also gain 100 bonus experience points in Pokemon GO every time you gain six or more items in a visit. Thus, being close to a stop of this magnitude not only fills your inventory faster but helps you level up quicker as well.

Other theories have pointed to a location?s status as another factor as well. Famous landmarks and destinations usually give out more items than some random street corner. User MerMan01 took the idea a step further, saying that data from Ingress, Niantic?s previous geolocation game, helps determine a stop?s ?famousness.?

?I have a level 8 portal/pokestop by my work and a level 1 portal/pokestop by my house. They both seem to give the same amount/type of stuff. The level 8 one at work seems to give more stuff (average of 4 vs home 3), but not actually better stuff,? he says.

There are also theories floating around regarding a player?s trainer level and how that may play a role in determining the rarity of items you receive each visit. To learn more on the subject, check out the Reddit thread?here.

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