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Pokemon GO: Are There Better Lures in Different PokeStops?

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Pokemon GO

During your adventures in Pokemon GO, you?ve probably placed a lure?on a PokeStop in the hopes of catching better monsters. At present, the effectiveness of lures is still unclear. However, a group of players have presented some interesting theories on how luring Pokemon works.

Dissecting Lure Mechanics in Pokemon GO

A recent thread on The Silph Road subreddit contains several interesting bits of?information on lure behavior and Pokemon spawn rates in Pokemon GO. A commenter named LedgeEndDairy claims that placing a lure at the same PokeStop can have drastically different results. He believes that each location has several possible ?spawn tables? that can be triggered when a lure is placed. This means that the Pokemon you encounter with each lure can vary.

?There’s a particular lure at a 3-stop location that will, on rare occasions, only spawn water Pokemon. I’ve seen this particular lure in this 3-stop do this 3 times. Once the lure runs out and someone else drops a new lure down, it starts spawning the normal Geodudes, Ponytas and Nidoran,? he said.

Other commenters on the thread have noted similar lure behavior, saying that they?ve seen unusual Pokemon types popping up in locations where they normally wouldn?t once the area has had a lure placed.

Some have attempted to take it a step further, saying that the time of day when a lure is dropped and the trainer level of the one placing it also has an effect on the type of spawn table that is triggered. Currently, there?s no hard empirical data that proves this is true, but it?s definitely a pattern worth observing.

Have you had similar experiences with Lures during your time in Pokemon GO? Let us know your findings in the comments below! For the latest news and updates on the game, keep it right here on TheBitBag.

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