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Pokemon GO Beta End Date Officially Announced! Bonus For Field Testers Teased By Niantic?

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Pokemon GO

All good things must come to an end. The Pokemon GO beta test will be ending later this week on June 30, as Niantic prepares to launch the highly anticipated mobile game on iOS and Android sometime in July. The move might disappoint some fans who have not been able to try it, but the fact that the game is already getting released soon makes the beta?s end an understandable one.

The news was revealed in an email that was sent to the game?s field testers, which was spotlighted by My Nintendo News. The email stated that the beta would end on June 30 and that all of the game data of the field testers would be deleted. Furthermore, the field testers would no longer be able to use the app that was used for the beta, so they will have to download the game in July like everyone else.

Niantic also thanked the field testers for their feedback and output, as they really helped in making the game better than it already was. This probably won?t win over fans who have voiced their displeasure of the game?s lack of story, but Pokemon GO is supposed to be a completely different experience from other games in the Pokemon series.

Some fans are wondering if there would be a special bonus for those who participated in the field test of the mobile game, but that does not appear to be the case, at least as far as the email is concerned. No word is given on a special bonus for those who participated in the field test, though Niantic could always do something at the last minute for these field testers.

For now, it seems like playing the game ahead of everyone else is the reward for participating in the Pokemon GO beta. It?s definitely not the worst thing that could happen, since fans new and old have been going crazy for Pokemon GO ever since it was first announced.

Pokemon GO is slated for a July release, though no specific date has been given as of this writing. The game will be available on iOS and Android devices.

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