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Pokemon GO

Due to the game?s slightly competitive nature, Pokemon GO?s cast has some staple picks and bad eggs for Gym defense and competitive use. Mostly, a Pokemon?s Combat Point rating determines its overall strength in the fight, but Pokemon with high CPs can still lose to those with lower ratings. As high CP does not always ensure the strongest Pokemon, here are the best Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

On zehipp0?s thread on the SilphRoad Reddit, a tier list ranging from the highest S Tier to the lowest F Tier can be found. However, this tier just measures the Pokemon?s CP gain per Power Up, and it doesn?t automatically mean that those that have high CP can beat everyone else in fights. However, the high CP gain of the S Tier Pokemon makes them the best pick for all-around purposes, but there should be ways to fight them off as the players learn more of Generation 1 Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

As seen on the list, Dragonite tops the S tiers with 47 CP gain per Power Up, followed by Snorlax?s 45 and 43 from Lapras. Statwise, their CP gain is good, so it could mean that they build up in a balanced way and do not overspecialize in one stat. Meanwhile, the F Tiers at the moment are populated by Onix who gains 12 CP per power up and Chansey with 9.5. However, Chansey is noted to have high HP gain, similar to her strength in the original Pokemon games.

Despite the S tiers having strong CP gain, the Combat Point is more of an overall rating than a measure of the Pokemon?s whole strength. Some Pokemon in the game may beat them in damage trades if they have higher attack or defense stats despite having lower CP.

Other than relying on your Pokemon?s CP in Pokemon GO, it?ll be best to know your Pokemon?s actual stats and type advantages. Remember that there might be some stats that are just for cosmetic uses, so they don?t really count, unless players start making concrete findings such as indirect stat modifiers or changes in hitbox sizes. For now, it?ll be best if you stick with keeping the S tier Pokemon in your party. Worry about finding the best Pokemon once you?ve capped your trainer level for those maximum Pokemon CP upgrades.

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