Pokemon GO: Best Attacking Pokemon, Defensive Pokemon For Gyms, And Everything You Need To Know

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Pokemon GO

Playing Pokemon GO competitively may not warrant mechanical skills; instead it encourages players to understand the Pokemon?s Combat Power and stats. With enough understanding, players can correctly choose viable Pokemon for taking or defending Gyms. However, this process involves reading stat spreadsheets and heavy computations, which may not always be easy especially to newcomers. Here?s an easy way to find the best picks in the game for attacking and defending Gyms.

The Silph Road community has released a free data compendium of all the Pokemon in the mobile game including yet to be released Pokemon. This resource also includes the general stat ratings of every Pokemon in the game. Through it, newcomers will be able to skip manual breeding of every Pokemon in the game to its maximum levels just to try to best ones in the game.

The Pokemon data can be arranged according to the game?s best offense and defense Pokemon. The top picks mostly comprise of Legendary or final evolutions of some Pokemon, so be prepared to spend a lot effort in grinding experience and breeding your own Pokemon to their best stats.

However, attaining the best stats for a Pokemon isn?t that easy as you?ll have to consider the Pokemon?s CP Arc potential and plan its evolutions for its maximum stat gain. Thankfully, SilphRoad?s resource not only lets you know which Pokemon are good attackers and defenders, it can also sort those with the best combined stats.

To correctly measure a good Pokemon attacker, Pokemon GO players will have to consider high values of the hidden Attack and Move damage to maximize their damage output when attacking Gyms. Players will need to step up their dodging game to survive longer and increase their chances of winning the fight. As seen on the site, the game?s Pokemon with the best attack stats are Mewtwo, Dragonite and Moltres.

Meanwhile, good defending Pokemon should have high defense and stamina and a good amount of Health and damaging move. Defending Pokemon have automated fights, so it?s better to opt for balanced types or regular tanky types to stall the enemy from taking Gyms. Pokemon like Articuno, Blastoise, Mew, and even Chansey may be good picks for defending Gyms.

Remember, high CP just means high stat ratings, and it doesn?t always mean that they can?t be beaten by lower CP Pokemon. A good CP rating only means that a Pokemon has balanced stats, but it can still be beaten by Pokemon with an overspecialized stat and a player who knows how to dodge effectively.

Additionally, your Trainer level in Pokemon GO also affects the CP growth limit of your Pokemon. Be sure to gain enough trainer experience and reach the high Trainer level to compete on even ground with most of the game?s Gym defenders. If you?re still at a low level, it?s okay to focus on leveling up first and enjoying the game. You can start competing once you?ve bred a high tier Pokemon in the game.

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