Pokemon Go: How To Become A Gym Leader Easily?

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Pokemon Go is currently the most wanted and hottest games on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It is a location based augmented reality game that uses the real location of the player. People who have never played the game are all excited about it and are very interested in knowing how to play Pokemon Go.

Starting the Game

When you start the game for the first time, you will have to choose from a starter Pokemon from options like Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle. Once it is done, the Pokemon trainer (the player) can be seen walking on a map. The map also shows places were and Gyms are present. The exact location is shown through the GPS of the phone.

Catching a Pokemon

The trainer needs to find and catch a Pokemon. This can be done by through PokeBalls at them. However, it is not that easy and the ability to catch one depends on various factors such as the CP (Command Point) level of Pokemon, the type of PokeBall used and the technique of throwing such as angle and force used.

Pokemon Go - how to catch a Pokemon

If AR is activated, users will have will to first center the Pokemon and keep the phone before hurling a PokeBall at it. The Nearby feature can help the player in knowing the Pokemon that are in the vicinity. If it is very difficult to find a Pokemon, one can use Incense item to draw it towards the player for 30 minutes.

What to do after catching the Pokemon? Well, one needs to inspect its Combat Points to know its strength. If it has more CP, it means it can fare well in a battle. Different Pokemon have varying CP level even if they are from the same species. Also, the higher the level of the trainer, Pokemon with higher CP can be caught.

How to Become a Gym Leader

In order to take over a Gym, a trainer has to reach level 5. It can be achieved by catching more number of Pokemon as well as visiting PokeStops. Once the level 5 is reached, the player will be prompted to join a team with options like Red, Yellow and Blue.

If a player selects Red, the other red colored Gyms will be friendly Gyms for him whereas others will become his opponent. Gyms are nothing but unique GPS locations like museums and parks and appears as tall towers on the map where trainers can enter friendly battles with his own team to make them stronger as well as with opponent teams to claim their Gyms. Unclaimed Gyms appear in grey color.

Pokemon Go gym battle

The more a player defeats enemy gyms, the higher will be his Prestige. However, if the player keeps losing, the Prestige will reduce to 0. Such a player will have to leave the Gym so that another leader can take over it. One can increase the level of the Gym by having more people and Pokemon in his team.

In order to become a Gym Leader by defeating other Gyms, a player needs to have at least six Pokemon on his side. To beat another team, one needs to defeat the weakest trainers (the ones lowest CP (Combat Points).

This will help in reducing the Prestige of the opponent team. Once the Prestige of enemy Gym goes down to zero, the player will become the Gym Leader of that team. However, one needs to be aware of the fact that if the player allots Pokemon with stronger CP to his teammates, there is a possibility that they can become Gym Leaders instead of the player.

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