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Pokemon GO Battles Get Huge Fix In New Android & iOS Update

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Pokemon GO

Niantic made a ton of changes for the most recent Pokemon GO update, some of them good, others not so much. However, one change that fans will really appreciate is the battles, which are still tap-based but have received a very good fix that should make them exciting for mobile players.

While the battles in the game were visually interesting, they didn’t require much thought on tactics. Having an overpowered Pokemon like Vaporeon basically killed the game, while spamming fast attacks was a necessity since the charged attacks didn’t do much damage. That has all changed, which is great news.

According to the Pokemon GO community on Reddit, Vaporeon has been nerfed and is no longer the powerhouse it originally was. Fans no longer have to fear seeing the water-type evolution of Eevee in a Pokemon Gym, unless they plan on using a fire-type for battle.

Quick attacks have also been weakened quite a bit, which is good. Fans can no longer spam this and have an easy battle, as players actually have to mix it up and use charged attacks. The damage of these attacks has been improved, so mobile users will have to use them if they want to succeed and take over Pokemon Gyms.

Battles have improved for the better.

Strong moves like Solar Beam and Fire Blast do more damage now. The damage they did was a decent 70 before, but the new update has made these moves deal 120 damage now. That’s a huge difference and makes them essential for the more difficult battles that players might have to face, especially when they want to represent their team well.

This doesn’t make the game perfect, but at least it makes the battles much more compelling than they already were. The quick attacks were too easy to spam and some Pokemon were clearly stronger than others, which is still slightly true in the most recent update, but at least more strategy is now involved in battles.

Pokemon GO is now available in certain countries but isn’t ready for a worldwide release yet. It looks like it will be soon, since it is coming out in more countries these days. Players will be able to play the game on iOS and Android.

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