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Pokemon GO Battles: Is The Combat System Broken?

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO?s current combat system is as simple as it gets due to its straightforward and repetitive swiping and tapping gameplay. Due to the battle system?s simple design, some fans aren?t satisfied with the game?s competitive setting. Is the game?s overall combat system and design broken?

According to DaystarEld?s thread on the SilphRoad Reddit, many of the simple Pokemon GO combat systems have problems like the Pokemon type system having unrewarding advantage bonuses and underwhelming moves for some Pokemon, and even the lack of negative status effects. Currently, the game?s battle system actually lacks depth with its simple battle gameplay. While the simple gameplay can continuously attract new players, the lack of competitive depth or even endgame content may lead fans to abandon the game after the game has been out for a few months.

Pokemon GO?s systems fall flat as more Individual Value stats outweigh Pokemon weaknesses. Some Pokemon like Vaporeon can even defeat its Pokemon counter type just because of its reliable stats and good damage per second using the Water Gun. Additionally, because of the lack of Status effects like Burn, Sleep, Paralyze, and Frozen, some Pokemon types don?t have their unique advantages.

The game?s battles boil down to the bland ?Attack and Evade? scenarios where your active Pokemon beats up and dodge the defender Pokemon?s attacks. The gameplay is simple and easy to learn, but it fails to provide a rewarding battle experience in the long run due to its repetitive gameplay. Repeatedly swiping and tapping a screen to win may get boring fast for players.

However, Pokemon GO is a relatively young game and is still in the process of installing more servers worldwide. Combat system improvements can be included in the game through minor and major patches, similar to most online games today. If its player population stays immensely high or healthy, Niantic may have to inevitably improve the game to keep their player base.

Pokemon GO?s supposed combat system?s ?brokenness? may just be for now, and it may be fixed once Niantic releases a major gameplay update. Who knows, the game may even rival the main Pokemon series if its systems actually gets deeper.

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