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Pokemon GO Battles: Best Attacks And Special Moves In The Game

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Pokemon GO

There might not be as much options as a typical Pokemon game, but there is still some strategy to the combat mechanics of Pokemon GO. The mobile app uses a tap and hold-based combat system that makes it more accessible for mobile players, which has made many assume that it would be too simplistic, though that hasn’t been the case.

Despite only having two attack options ? a fast tap attack and a strong hold attack ? there are still moves that do more damage than others. This has always been the case with classic Pokemon games, but it is somewhat surprising to see that done in a mobile title, adding some depth to a game that many thought would be shallow.

In order to find out the most damaging attacks in Pokemon GO, one Reddit user decided to make a Google document and wrote down most of the attacks encountered in the game so far. Finding out which move does more damage will be difficult, since the user hasn’t listed down the exact damage each attack does, with only a few moves getting descriptions.

At the same time, it is good to see these moves so that various mobile players can prepare for them when they attack. It can also help players discover moves that their Pokemon can learn and maybe even use them in battle.

Some fans in the forum have pointed out that some moves are faster than the others, like Bite over Fire Fang. The latter does more damage, but in terms of quick attacks, Bite might be the better move to get the advantage in the battle.

Making the game simplistic for mobile users and deep enough for veteran fans was a hard task, but it seems like Niantic has pulled it off. The game is ridiculously popular right now and is beating most apps in terms of download numbers and active users.

Pokemon GO is currently available in select countries, but it isn’t available worldwide yet, though it will be in the future. The game is available for both iOS and Android devices, so no mobile player is left behind. ?

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