Pokemon GO Battle Tips: Other Stats As Important As CP

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Pokemon GO

In Pokemon GO, Combat Power or CP allows players to gauge a Pokemon?s strength with just a quick glance. However, CP is just an average of your Pokemon?s combative stats and doesn?t accurately sum up a Pokemon?s superiority over others. Here are some stats in the game that are as important as CP.

Attack, Defense, and Speed

According to natron77?s thread on the Pokemon GO Reddit, Combat Power is computed with the Pokemon?s Health with hidden stats such as Attack, Defense, and Stamina. These stats can vary heavily per Pokemon and will almost always reward good CP ratings to those with decent and balanced stats. The CP system actually fails to explain the overspecialization of some Pokemon in certain stats which could make them take down high-CP Pokemon albeit with mostly ?high risk, high reward? and effective dodging tactics.

Pokemon Move Stats

Additionally, natron77 points out that there are some moves that are technically better than others in Pokemon GO. It?s entirely possible for a high-CP Pokemon to have a less damaging move than a lower-CP Pokemon. For example, Snorlax, which has better stats in natron77?s spreadsheet, has a less damaging move than the second best, Vaporeon. While the moves feature different attack powers, players will also have to maneuver through Pokemon type properties which may further increase or decrease their damage in battles.

Player Skill

Pokemon GO has a semi-automated gameplay, so these Pokemon stats play a heavy role in the game?s competitive Gym system. The Gym PvP system is simple, as all Pokemon in the game mostly have two to three attacks, with dodging and innate defense as their main source of protection.

Additionally, defending players resort to building their ?Gym Defender? Pokemon to its absolute CP best as their fights are automated and cannot be controlled. Moreover, some players have confirmed that it?s possible to defeat high-CP Pokemon with constant attacks and near flawless dodging. More than building your Pokemon CP ratings and Trainer levels, it?s also advisable for you to train and improve your own performance in fighting.

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