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Pokemon GO Battle Chart: Top 10 Strongest Pokemon in Pokemon GO

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Strongest Pokemon in Pokemon GO

If you are wondering why there are so many people with their smartphones in hand wandering about in your city, then you can blame it on Pokemon GO. The massively popular augmented reality game has everyone going crazy as they are trying to catch Pokemon in the real world. Aside from trying to ?catch ?em all,? another important part of Pokemon GO is winning gym battles. That is why you should always try to have the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon GO on your corner.

There are so many strong Pokemon in the game yet there are some which are completely in a whole different level. Knowing which are the strongest Pokemon in the game can certainly help you in determining which ones you must try to catch. Here are the top 10 strongest Pokemon available right now in Pokemon GO.

  1. Venusaur ? Venusaur is the final evolved form of Bulbasaur and it is one Grass/Poison Pokemon that has a high defensive stat and a more than adequate attack. Its stamina though is a bit low which is why it is only the 10th best Pokemon available in the game.
  2. Slowbro ? Much like Venusaur, Slowbro has superior defense and a very good attack rating too. One advantage that it has though is it has slightly better stamina than Venusaur which puts it one spot ahead of the latter.
  3. Vaporeon ? This is the strongest among the Eevee evolutions which puts it at the No. 8 spot as it offers a great balance of attack, defense and stamina.
  4. Gyarados ? While it takes a ton of candy to evolve the Magikarp into the mighty Gyarados, the hassle is well worth it as this final evolved form makes for one extremely strong Pokemon that is perfect for gym battles.
  5. Exeggutor ? Do not let the looks of Exeggutor fool you, this Pokemon is actually quite powerful. It has a very high attack rating and lands at the sixth spot in the top 10.
  6. Blastoise ? Blastoise has the highest defense rating out of all Pokemon which gives it a high overall ranking. It also has respectable attack ratings so be sure not to underestimate Blastoise.
  7. Arcanine ? With a high attack and defense rating, the Arcanine is one of the best Pokemon overall in Pokemon GO. It?s less than stellar stamina ratings is the only reason why it is not in the top 3.
  8. Lapras ? The Lapras was a transport Pokemon in the old Pokemon games but in Pokemon GO, it is the third strongest Pokemon. It is one of the most balanced Pokemon as it has high attack, defense and stamina ratings.
  9. Snorlax ? Snorlax may not look ferocious but its ratings certainly tell a lot about how strong it really is. With a very high attack, defense and stamina rating, it can certainly hold down and defend a Pokemon gym from any attackers.
  10. Dragonite ? Dragonite is at the top of the rankings and a quick glance at its rankings and you will surely have no question as to why that is so. With a very high attack and defense ratings, only the legendary Mewtwo is stronger in the game.

If you are hunting for strong Pokemon, make sure you get as many as you can of the ones in this list. It will surely help you take on any opposing Pokemon gyms in the game easily.

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