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Pokemon GO Battery Saving Tips: Pokemon GO Plus, App Usage, And More

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With Pokemon GO launching recently, we can expect a lot of Pokemon trainers up and about with their smartphones. The game delivers its promise of bringing us closer to Pokemon, but it?s not without its flaws. Its biggest issue for now is the game drains batteries pretty quickly. Unless you have an extra external power source, expect your battery life to not last a day.

If we look at the game?s concept, it?s no surprise that phones will be pushed to their limits when running it. The game makes use of GPS, mobile data and the rear camera at times. These three combined will really drain batteries, and it might be impossible for Niantic to find a solution for it without affecting how the game runs, but we?re hoping they find a workaround. Here are more things you can do to somewhat lessen battery consumption. If you missed out on our tips yesterday, check them out here.

Close Other Processes

As with any other battery saving tips, it?s best to turn off other apps when using Pokemon GO. If there are other apps like YouTube, music apps or even Bluetooth running, they?ll surely add up to battery consumption. If you have a long day of travelling ahead, prioritize the game on your smartphone first.

Buy Pokemon GO Plus

Pokemon GO Plus is this nifty device that allows you to play the game without having to check your smartphone every now and then. The device will of course connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, so it?ll still drain battery. But if you don?t have to open up your smartphone every now and then, then you?ll be saving a lot more battery life.

Bring An External Power Source

Items like a power bank will surely be handful when you?re really drained. Always keep a power bank so you never miss out on Pokemon while travelling.

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