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Pokemon GO Battery Saver Mode Missing? Niantic Removes 2 Essential Features

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Pokemon GO

After you download the latest Pokemon GO update, you will miss two major features of the game. The battery saver mode, which helped long walks become possible, is no longer available. Another feature removed by Niantic is the footsteps in the nearby tracker. The removal of these features has left players baffled as Niantic has not shared any reason regarding the decision.

The company has removed the battery saver mode for iOS users. Many players previously reported that they have been facing problems with the battery saver mode on iOS devices. Every time they use it, the screen freezes, forcing players to restart the game.

Niantic has not shared any details on why they removed the feature and whether they are planning to bring it back in the future or if they just want to eliminate the features that are currently not working well. A player on Reddit suggests that the change was made to allow a background app refresh. After the new update, the game apparently has a new setting which allows background refresh for the Pokemon GO app.

As mentioned, the footsteps in the nearby tracker have also been removed by Niantic. In its official Pokemon GO update changelog, the company made it clear that they have removed the feature. Although there?s no specific details available regarding this decision, players are now confused on whether they should expect the feature to return especially as other third party Pokemon locator apps has now been shut down.

Niantic and Nintendo are already facing criticisms over poor communication with players. The game is also full of bugs and freezes on certain occasions. On top of that, the developer?s silence on the issues and the latest update is causing a lot of trouble and frustration for fans. The game has been a mess since it launched in July, however, the servers are reportedly reliable now, possibly due to a decrease in player base after the update angered fans.

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