Pokemon GO: Banned at the Pentagon Due to Foreign Spying Concerns

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The Pentagon has banned Pokemon GO within the Defense Department facilities over concerns of foreign spying. Officials and defense contractors playing the popular augmented reality mobile game were warned that the game poses a potential security risk.

Pentagon Security officials expressed concerns that since the Pokemon GO uses Global Positioning System satellite network, playing the game could pinpoint accuracy on room locations and other sensitive facilities where secrets are stored.

Aside from this, Pentagon officials are concerned that personal data could be accessible from playing the game, information which can be used in cyber attacks or spying recruitment attempts.

Earlier when the game was still gaining its momentum, a ?gym? was located at the entrance of the Pentagon. It has since been removed.

It would be interesting to note that The White House has been tagged a Pokemon GO Gym. Last news we heard is that it is being guarded by a Pokemon guardian named ?Merica,? a powerful Pidgeot.


On the other hand, The Soviet Union has a different take on Pokemon GO. Needless to say, the popular game is not allowed in the country for a number of reasons. One, there is a belief that it ?causes psychological problems.? A former Russian general is also insisting it?s a CIA plot to photograph state secret bases. There is also a state TV station running a thinly veiled threat that side-loading Pokemon fans might face jail time?.?

They have a different answer to Pokemania instead. The idea is the same, in that, they will use the augmented reality technology of Pokemon Go, but instead of catching Pokemon, you get to capture and take photos of Russian historical figures.

According to the Moscow government website: ?The game, which is due to be released in August, will use the augmented reality technology of ?Pokemon Go,? to allow users to capture historical characters on real-life backgrounds with their smartphone cameras. ?By the end of August, people will be able to catch and take a selfie with [deceased Russian rock musician] Viktor Tsoi, Yury Gagarin, Alexander Pushkin, Pyotr Chaikovsky, [founder of the first Russian university] Mikhail Lomonosov, Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte and the tsar Aleksei Mikhailovich.?

What a buzzkill. It would be fun though to see historic Russian icons fight. Unfortunately, that aspect is not included in the government issued game.

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