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Pokemon GO Ban: How To Unban Your Account

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Niantic is taking stricter measures when it comes to cheaters in Pokemon GO. It has begun handing out bans left and right to those proven to have been exploiting the game and taking advantage of other players. It is fairly easy to report and hope that Niantic bans a cheater. It is also pretty easy to get wrongfully barred from our respective accounts.

Upon getting a ban in Pokemon GO, players will receive an email from Niantic that explains the current predicament. Some players could get banned even if they aren?t doing anything that goes against the Terms of Service of Niantic, but there is a workaround to it.

The email states that ?if you believe your account has been terminated in error, you may fill out this form. Please consider your account permanently terminated unless we reply back to your appeal.?

Basically, every banned account isn?t permanently gone from the game as Niantic is giving a fair chance to every reported player. To be on the safe side, the best way to retrieve a banned account is by having proof that the account is free of any violations. Simple screenshots and videos would probably do as it is also used when reporting a player so that he gets banned.

Since the account is already locked up, players should ready proof at all times. It is recommended to grab a picture of anything that could come off as suspicious to other players including Pokemon with high CP and the player having a high level.

No one knows how long Niantic will respond to appeals but judging by its past responses to requests, queries and suggestions, it might take a long time. Banned players looking to appeal for their accounts should expect at least more than a week?s worth of waiting patiently.

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