Pokemon GO Ban: GPS Spoofing Cheaters Getting Banned By Niantic?

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In the current build of Pokemon GO, players outside the game?s current regional servers?can actually play it with third party programs that allow GPS Spoofing on their device. However, Niantic is quick in punishing players doing this trick and blocking them from the game. However, players have only confirmed a short ban that lasts a few hours before the players can start playing again. Are GPS Spoofing cheaters really getting banned in the game?

While it?s been confirmed that players could access the North American, Australian and New Zealand servers of Pokemon GO with a GPS altering app or hack, players know that they?ll get banned if they?re caught. GPS Spoofing enables your character to quickly go to the Pokestops and Gyms without you moving even an inch from your seat. This tactic is often regarded as a cheat by most players as it allows them to progress easier and ignore the game?s social gameplay.

Back in the beta phase, Niantic punished violators with an IP block that denied them access to the game. This event caused Pokemon GO leakers and dataminers to be more discreet with their findings. Violators were quickly banned and blocked from the game.

Despite this record of excellent game moderation, Niantic may have toned down recently on their bans during the early weeks of the game?s release. According to ur_0?s Reddit thread, players only received a ?soft ban? that denies violators of game access for a few hours. Unlike the ban back in the game?s beta, Niantic?s current sanctions are less punishing, with the soft ban in effect.

In light of this softer ban, Niantic may be more focused on rolling out Pokemon GO in as many regions as they can instead of punishing cheaters. The developers are currently facing major game issues that they need to fix before they can continue making servers for more countries. Due to these problems, an IP Block or Device Block may not be their crackdown for cheaters at the moment to avoid further damages if their banning system also needs some fixes. However, Niantic may start to amp up security again once they?re done fixing issues in the game.

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