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Pokemon Go Babies, Gen. 2 Pokemon, and PvP Battle In Decemer Update

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Pokemon Go babies

The famous location-based augmented reality game just received an update. The said update is available for both Android and iOS users. However, this doesn?t seem to be the update that the players were expecting which involve Pokemon Go Babies.

According to PhoneArena, this new Pokemon Go Update was released to eight new markets such as Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Jordan, Israel, Kuwait and UAE. People residing in the countries stated above can now install the update using Google Play or the Apple Store.

Furthermore, the new update brought bug fixes that involve the egg-hatching cutscene animation. In addition, the new update from Niantic also fixed some minor text flaws in the game.

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Pokemon Go babies

Pokemon Go Babies

Apparently, the Pokemon Go update that players are expecting is still a few weeks away. The said update includes trading, 100 Gen. 2 Pokemon, PvP battles, and Pokemon Go Babies. These changes would be released on December 7, 2016.

On the other hand, it appears that baby Pokemon is what the players are excited about. The said function will replace the process of Pokemon egg hatching. If the rumors are true, Egg hatching is going to be a thing of the past.

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In fact, players will get to have baby Squirtle, baby Pikachu, and baby Clefairy. While it?s an awesome way to change the game, there?s actually a reason behind it. It appears that Niantic wants to reduce the effort and hassle of hatching eggs.

Hatching eggs require numerous activities and efforts such as walking or running. In this case, even casual players who don?t play Pokemon Go too much won?t be left behind.

Other Exciting New Features Aside From Pokemon Go Babies.

Furthermore, one of the exciting features in the expected update is the PvP battle. If the rumors are true, players will?now able to test who?s the stronger and a better trainer. In addition, the arrival of Generation 2 Pokemon will expand the list of catchable Pokemon which compliments the PvP battle.

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