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Pokemon GO Avatars Can Now Be Customized At Any Time

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Pokemon GO

The latest Pokemon GO update has its fair share of ups and downs. The game still has some major flaws that keep the game from being perfect and the complete removal of the three-step bug was not enough to please angry gamers. One noteworthy aspect added was the ability to re-customize your avatar, which should put a smile on the face of many a mobile player.

Making a custom character in a video game is always fun, but there are some who find constant niggles in their in-game avatar. It must have bugged them when they couldn’t re-customize their character, but thanks to the update, they can keep customizing them to their heart’s content, according to Siliconera. Obviously, that shouldn’t be the main focus of the game, but it’s a nice feature to have in the mobile title.

It was wise of the developers to add this element, as it makes Pokemon GO more enjoyable than it already is. Most of the appeal still revolves around catching Pokemon, so the customization options aren’t WWE game quality, but they are decent and should be enough for those who downloaded the free-to-play mobile title.

Admittedly, the developers could have added stores where players could buy clothes ala Pokemon X and Y, but that might mean more microtransactions. Players already have to spend for Incense, along with in-game items, so it?s doubtful that they will care about extra clothes for their avatar. They can always pick up Pokemon Sun and Moon when it comes out if they want that feature.

Players can now re-customize characters

Even if it is a bit limited, being able to re-customize one’s trainer should make many a Pokemon fan happy when he or she downloads the update. This was a feature the developers didn’t have to add since no one really complained about it, so it was cool of Niantic to do this for fans.

Pokemon GO is currently available for some countries and seems to be nearing a worldwide release. The mobile game has slowly been released in other countries, which is great news for those who have no access to it yet. Impatient gamers can always make a US account if they want to play it right away.

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