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Pokemon GO Auto Curveball Bug Fix

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Pokemon GO

Throwing Curveballs in Pokemon GO is fun when you do it intentionally, but some players are dealing with the auto Curveball bug. Here?s good news for them, as someone has found a permanent fix for the problem. Switching the items twice fixes the bug effectively for many players. For example, switching between berries to Poke Balls or Great Balls would eliminate the risk of the auto Curveball bug.

Let?s say you?re about to throw a Poke Ball at a Pokemon to catch it. Before you do so, switch to another item if you notice that the Curveball bug is happening. To do so, follow this simple method suggested by a Reddit user. When you are about to throw a Berry, just switch your Poke Ball to another item such as a different kind of Poke Ball or a Berry. Doing this fixes the issue for that wild Pokemon encounter, though you?ll have to do this every time to ensure the bug doesn?t happen again.

The trick has already worked for many fans, and they consider it as a solution for the auto Curveball bug in Pokemon GO. Players who still can?t get rid of the bug can use some ?workarounds to ensure their PokeBalls hit the Pokemon accurately. Wasting Poke Balls is obviously annoying and the app is still plagued with issues, so using these tricks can save you lots of Poke Balls.

There?s also a Pokemon GO Curveball cheat available which you can try at your own risk. This uses a third party application that records your movement so you won?t accidentally throw a Curveball . As per the instructions of Niantic, using cheats and unofficial software can get your account banned, so it is better to be wary of the company?s guidelines.

The auto Curveball bug is presumably a sensitivity issue whenever they use Razz Berries as the game treats your button press for the item as the starting point of the throw. As the game lags and sometimes freezes, some minor freezing issues cause the game to throw a Curveball. However, some players said they didn?t use any items and the Curveball bug still happens.

As mentioned, switching items has solved the problem for many, so those who have been wasting Poke Balls due to the Curveball bug might get things back on track with the above mentioned solutions.

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