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Pokemon GO Articuno Fake: Not From Niantic, Says Dev Representative

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Pokemon GO fans are investigating the legitimacy of a recent Articuno capture in the game. While the Articuno shown looks authentic, a Niantic spokesperson has confirmed that the legendary bird in the game wasn?t from them and could have been from a hack in the game. Here?s what we know about the issue.

In EarthlingKira?s thread on the SilphRoad Reddit, Pokemon GO player Kaitlin ?kaitcovey? Covey has spoken up and showed her phone on a Twitch livestream to prove the legitimacy of her Articuno. In the stream, she and her husband tinkered with the app and proved that their account actually has the Legendary Pokemon. Covey claimed that her Articuno is an apology gift from Niantic. Despite the Articuno showcase in real time, players are still questioning the authenticity of this Articuno as it could have been made possible by the ?morphing? bug currently in the game or third party programs.

Geek asked Niantic about this issue and a spokesperson said that the Articuno is not from them and could have been accessed through in-game hacking. If it?s really a ?hacked? catch, the game?s current buggy servers may have made it possible. Niantic may need to have more communication with their fans to clear up this issue.

While the three step bug has been fixed, the ?morphing? bug has taken its place as the game?s major problem. The new bug modifies a player?s catching experience by displaying a wild Pokemon that?s different from what the player encountered or caught. This bug could be a boon or a bane as some Pokemon could actually turn out to be a good and strong one or a disappointing catch.

Additionally, the Legendary Birds have not been officially released in the game before this potentially Pokemon GO Articuno fake issue. Potentially, this event could confirm the inclusion of the other Legendaries and even Ditto that?s been noted to be missing in the game?s wild Pokemon list.

Alternatively, this could also confirm that the game may be broken as bugs have allowed unimplemented Pokemon to spawn, just like a broken Pokemon cartridge back in the GameBoy era. For the meantime, we?ll have to wait for Niantic to start communicating with its player base to finally clear up any doubts and issues about the game.

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