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Pokemon GO April Fools Event Seems Likelier After Recent Android And iOS Update

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pokemon go april fools
Someone tries to catch Venusaur. [Image from Pokemon GO Facebook]

Since a St. Patrick’s Day event isn’t happening, fans are hoping to see a Pokemon GO April Fools one. The mobile game tends to have events that are based on certain holidays, and April Fools is a common one. While Niantic hasn’t stated if it would happen, fan speculation has resulted in many believing that one would be coming.

As most fans know, the mobile game usually updates every two weeks for both iOS and Android devices. Sometimes these updates are big, like adding 80 new Pokemon to the game or they’re minor, like fixing some bugs. That means the next update could land in April 1 and it might add an event, which would make fans happy.

The Current Update

For those wondering about the current update, it doesn’t really hint at an upcoming Pokemon GO April Fools event. Some players posted on The Silph Road subreddit and noticed a few changes, but they aren’t particularly major. Different berries now have specific animations to stand out more, and there is a new message when Pokemon flee.

Basically, those hoping for an event or the update that overhauls the gym system are out of luck. Still, the lack of anything groundbreaking now means that an even better update could be coming in April 1. Fans still aren’t sure what the event could bring, since the holiday is all about fooling a number of people.

Fake Legendaries?

To get into the holiday spirit, Niantic could have a Pokemon GO April Fools joke and advertise the missing legendaries. It might not be a wise decision, since fans have wanted these Pokemon to join the game for the longest time. Only time will tell if they do that or anything else for the holiday, but it is fun to speculate.

Even if the holiday is based on jokes, fans can expect some sort of reward they can get from the game. Niantic wouldn’t make an event without rewarding the players, so expect a double XP bonus or a specific Pokemon spawning. Of course, they could always prank fans about an event and not actually have one, which would be infuriating.

Pokemon GO is available now for both iOS and Android devices, so pretty much anyone can download the game. It’s free to get and play, but those that want more bag space or items will need to pay extra. Expect more holiday-themed events to come soon.

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