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Pokemon GO April Fool’s Event: Legendaries Finally Rolling Out [Rumor]

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Pokemon GO April Fools Day

April Fools day is right around the corner and fans surely want to know whether or not Niantic Labs will launch an event on that day for their hit mobile game Pokemon GO. Based on rumors online, the event is likely to happen and there are a number of things trainers should expect from it. It might even bring the one thing that has been missing from the game–Legendaries.

Gamers all know that Niantic Labs has been really consistent in launching in-game events to keep their fans interested in Pokemon GO. They have done it during the Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s day. This time, rumor has it that April Fools day will be the next event coming to the game.

According to VideoGamesRepublic, there is an ongoing event in the mobile game called the Water Festival. It will end on March 29, which might be followed immediately by the April Fools day event. Should that be the case, then rumors about the coming of the Legendary Pokemon might as well be correct.

The publication also noted that Pokemon GO continues to lose its steam after Niantic Labs removed some key features of the game. And through releasing two events close to each other, they might regain their popularity across the globe. Also, if Legendaries will finally arrive in the game, that would definitely bring back the gamers they have lost in the past months.

Pokemon GO Legendary Pokemon

On a bad note, all trainers out there should take this information with a grain of salt. The developers have yet to confirm anything about their next event so gamers should not expect a lot. Plus, given the fact that April Fools day is coming to a close, these news might even turn out to be a joke. For now, let us wait for further announcements.

‘Pokemon GO’ Easter Event

Another event that fans are anticipating is the Easter event. Easter Sunday is just weeks away from taking place and rumor has it that it will bring Easter Eggs in the game. But, similar to the April Fools day event, Niantic Labs has not released any statement about it yet.

How about you? Do you think Niantic Labs is planning to launch an April Fools day event in Pokemon GO? Or, will this news be the same to St. Patrick’s day event? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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