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Pokemon GO April Fools Event Fail Might Produce An Easter Egg Hunt Community Bash & Here’s Why It’ll Be Huge

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO events have increasingly become important both to the players and Niantic. They have helped the developer lure back trainers to the game who, in exchange, received access to limited special features and helpful bonuses. It has become a regular thing, with events coming every month or so.

More recently, Niantic launched the Water Festival event which increased the spawn rate of water Pokemon and introduced the Shiny Magikarp. The event ended just before March did. Considering the history of the game, many were positive that an April Fools’ event will come next.

For those who do not know, the game started as an April Fools’ joke. We can recall that Google made a “Pokemon Challenge” as its Google Maps goof back in 2014, revealing a “game” which had players tracking Pokemon on the map and going to real world locations to catch them. It was a game which people wished was real and sure enough, three years later, it became official.

However, Niantic did pretty much nothing last April 1st. While it could be because the Water Festival had just ended, Paul Tassi of Forbes says the developer has been known to do back-to-back things when they want to. For instance, it rolled out the long-awaited Gen 2 update on the heels of the Valentine’s Day event.

Pokemon GO

The lack of activity was quite disappointing, but there may be some good coming out of the April Fools’ event fail. Since Niantic skipped the occasion, we can expect something huge come Easter. Unlike Water Festival, it should be as big, or more even, as Christmas or Halloween and will more likely center around eggs.

Big Pokemon GO Easter Event

Pokemon GO players have already come forth to share their predictions, some of which we have listed below:

  • Half-Distance Eggs – Egg hatching distance will be reduced for the whole duration of the event. This makes 2 km eggs hatchable in 1km, 5km eggs in 2.5 km and 10 km egg in 5km. This would urge players to hatch more eggs, which means more temporary incubator money into Niantic’s pockets too.
  • Increased Pokemon Spawn Rate – Just like Water Festival, the Easter event might increase the spawn rate for Rabbit Pokemon or those with egg-related structures. Examples of Pokemon that will likely be affected are Exeggcute, Exeggutor, Chansey, Nidorans and more. There are suggestions of allowing players to catch a wild Togepi, which isn’t catchable in wild form at the moment.
  • Increased Lucky Egg Drop Rate – Since Easter is all about eggs, a drop rate increase of lucky eggs would make sense. A Niantic employee previously advised gamers to save their eggs, suggesting the event could give trainers double experience for their actions, or maybe even double stardust.
  • Shiny Pokemon – Niantic has already introduced the Shiny Magikarp in the game two weeks ago, so it wouldn’t be surprising if it brings another Shiny Pokemon this Easter. If it does, it’ll likely be an Exeggcute given the relevance of eggs during Easter.
  • Free Incubator – Another infinite-use incubator to use for hatching eggs would be appreciated as well. This seems unlikely, though, given the revenue incubators bring into the game. Still, there’s no harm in hoping.

Mark your calendars

Unfortunately, Pokemon GO players will have to wait a few more weeks to discover what exactly Niantic has up its sleeve. Easter falls on April 16 this year, so don’t forget to mark your calendars.

What are your expectations from Niantic’s Pokemon GO Easter event? Which Pokemon do you want to see more during the occasion? Let us know what you think in the comments section below! Stay tuned on TheBitBag for more updates.

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