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Pokemon GO Appraisal Is Not About CP

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Pokemon GO Appraisal

Recently, Pokemon GO implemented the Stat Appraisal system to help players understand their Pokemon. However, some players are confused why their Pokemon is continuously being rated as good despite having low Combat Power. Here?s what we know about the new Pokemon GO Appraisal system.

The new system doesn?t actually gauge your Pokemon?s Combat Power as that?s already visible in the game. The Pokemon GO Appraisal system actually analyzes your Pokemon?s potential through its Individual Values rather than the Combat Power itself. Simply put, it rates your Pokemon?s future strength when maxed out rather than its current status. However, this new system only dispenses out approximation of potential and doesn?t exactly pinpoint your Pokemon?s actual Individual Values or IVs.

The system actually helps you determine the Pokemon that are worth keeping and the ones better traded off for candy. If you?re aiming to compete, it?s always better to keep the Pokemon with the best potential so you can maximize your effort on one Pokemon. Pokemon with ?good? potential are those that may have better stats against other maxed out Pokemon or its own species once it reaches its peak levels.

Combat Power in Pokemon GO isn?t actually the basis of total dominance in the game?s competitive mode. More than CP, players will have to consider a Pokemon?s hidden Individual Values and moveset for maximum efficiency. Additionally, players will have to monitor buffs and nerfs to Pokemon stats and moves to efficiently capitalize on the game?s best Pokemon.

Technically speaking, the Pokemon GO Appraisal system is for the players aiming to consistently take and defend Gyms for their teams. Additionally, the implementation of this system may ease the uproar on Niantic?s takedown of some of the third party Pokemon GO sites and apps as players initially datamined the game just to find the Pokemon?s IVs. The third party sites definitely helped the community grasp the game even more, but they carry potential risks as they actually feed on the game?s live server data to work accurately. As part of maintaining the game?s security, Niantic had to cull these sites off their game.

For now, Niantic may actually be focusing on improving the game?s information systems. At best, it?s possible for Niantic to upgrade their Pokemon Nearby system to a full-on Pokemon map similar to the late PokeVision site. Stay updated on Pokemon GO news here on TheBItBag.
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